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Distribution & Transload Facilities

Two facilities on the MCER provide premier distribution and transload services for products moving to and from customers without rail service.

Gibbs Crossing Reload

Operator: A&R Transport

Address: State Route 32, Palmer, MA

Phone: (978) 355-0029

Station: Gibbs Crossing

Commodities: Dry Bulk Plastics

Car Capacity: 97

Transload Equipment: Pneumatic

Truck Scale: Yes


Wildwood Reload

Operator: Wildwood Reload

Address: 850 S. Barre Rd, Barre, MA 01005

Phone: (978) 355-4477

Station: Barre

Commodities: Breakbulk & Dry Bulk

Space: 4 buildings, 20 Acres, 65 Additional Acres

Transload Equipment: Forklift, Roll Clamp, Undercar Conveyor

Truck Scale: Yes